Airline IT Consultant

Airlines are under increasing pressure to improve the customer experience and achieve sustainable and profitable growth. MaxOm helps airlines manage sophisticated customer data models and analytics, provide customized services and create competitive differentiation.

The future of airline travel will likely change dramatically in the coming years. Rising fuel costs will put pressure on passenger loads. Traditional hub traffic flows are changing with the entry of large-capacity carriers. Against this backdrop, MaxOm helps clients managing the right balance between demand and capacity. We work with airlines to expand skills in sales and marketing, enabling carriers to strengthen their customer - centricity and pursue secondary revenue sources.

With competition and a dwindling passenger base heating up, airlines need to ramp up their delivery of the customer experience. And not just at the gate and on board - carriers need to understand their customer's needs along the full spectrum of travel: from ticket purchase to destination arrival.

Maxom helps carriers create a customer-centric organization that extends beyond in- flight services. Our work covers everything from online portals to airport biometrics. We enable analytical skills that unearth customer insights and drive customer experience management. Our approach identifies areas that hold the largest payoffs in terms of boosting customer loyalty.

MaxOm's research into the industry's high performers shows that the most successful airlines continually strive for operational excellence. These airlines have moved beyond the traditional levers of cost management to drive even deeper levels of efficacy and efficiency.

At MaxOm, we help clients improve their overall cost base and drive flexibility throughout sourcing, procurement and IT, and are industry leaders in outsourcing in these areas. We help established carriers take from the strategies of their low-cost/lean- running peers.