Airline Communications Consultant

For enterprises taking off to their dream destination of new revenue opportunities, highly satisfied customers and ever-expanding business, a smooth landing will require the right mix of IT-led innovation, on-ground efficiency, and boardroom strategy to make a better Airline Communication.

The changing face of customer demand, huge dependency on fuel costs, and a new generation of tech- savvy, service-conscious passengers are creating a complex environment in which running business on autopilot is no longer an option other than communication with them to be the best.

We serve as trusted transformation partners to our clients across the globe. They leverage our domain and package expertise to transform their enterprise application landscape - whether it's supply chain management, enterprise application integration or enterprise resource planning.

We have delivered quantifiable results by translating major investments into measurable value and helped our clients realize benefits in far-reaching impact areas - from standardized business processes using industry best practices, to frameworks for decision support and analytics. Some of our key strengths are improving efficiency and effectiveness through process consistency; and deploying shared services to align organizational units and stakeholders.

Our primary objectives focus on:

Enhancing aviation safety performance by pursuing targeted and continuous improvements in systems, culture, processes and capability. Improving choice and value for aviation consumers now and in the future by promoting competitive markets, contributing to consumers' ability to make informed decisions and protecting them where appropriate. Improving environmental performance through more efficient use of airspace and making an efficient contribution to reducing the aviation industry's environmental impacts.

MaxOm is efficient and effective organization which meets Better Regulation principles and gives value for money