Software Development Services

At Entrance, we see software not as individual components, but as a suite or portfolio solution that manages the data you need to make informed decisions. We work with our clients to design and create the best technology portfolio for their money, and ensure that they are operating with the best tools for the job.

Software as a strategic investment is usually undertaken to generate revenue, save money or offer competitive differentiation, and we keep those overarching goals in mind when architecting a solution. Intelligent software also exploits information that's already being captured to look for potential new markets, adjacencies, and/or innovations. Our technologies also improve efficiency by automating manual business processes and integrating data to add value in insight without requiring more from users.

When deciding what technology and tools your team will be using for the next few years, it's important to keep in mind total cost of ownership, including training, support and continued ability to find the skill set required to maintain the toolset properly. We can help you through that process, and will guide you to the best software strategy for your business.