Software Integration Services

Knowledge is power and data drives knowledge. So put your data in the driver's seat with strategic data management and tactical dashboards.

With the overwhelming influx of information in the business world today, the main question is:

"How do I know what metrics to pay attention to?"

We have almost ten years of experience specialized in helping use your data to answer essential day-to-day business questions, like "How much variance is there in my production?", "What are my sales numbers really telling me?" or even "Are our students ready for college?" As business consultants we come in wanting to understand what is most meaningful to you, and then as technology experts we engineer solutions that surface what we like to call Actionable Intelligence. Let's break that apart:

Strategic Intelligence

Data Management is a long term, strategic project that creates a strategy for your information assets and helps slice and dice them into relevant intelligence. The key to surfacing strategic intelligence for our clients is having both the business acumen to understand the larger goals at hand and the database management repertoire to know exactly how to engineer that goal into a reality that will make sense for them long term.

Actionable Tactical

Dashboards provide the tactical daily inputs necessary to really turn knowledge into action. They surface essential metrics as key performance indicators. These give decision makers at-a-glance insights into timely information that's relevant to them.

With our custom dashboards not only is it possible to quickly determine where your attention is needed, drill-downs then provide an easy way to dig further into the in-depth details that are affecting your business, and analyze the underlying inputs.

Actionable Intelligence

So when we say that we provide actionable intelligence, we mean that we offer information at two levels. We give both an overview that will catch your attention, and also provide the meaty metrics to support analysis. Without the overview, you'd spend unnecessary time figuring out where to focus, and without the managed data, you wouldn't have what you needed to act on any problems you see.

We strongly believe that knowledge is as knowledge does, and thrive on turning data into true knowledge.