Communication Projects

MaxOm experts deliver the message across the enterprise-ensuring the success of key corporate initiatives. Organizations need strategies and tools to present a consistent, coherent corporate presence. Whether you're releasing enterprise software, addressing the implications of acquisitions and mergers, or supporting a global initiative, MaxOm consultants work with your team to ensure: networks, and better customer service.

Effective communication of the business value of the program
Coherent corporate identity
Clear, global messaging
Participative corporate citizenship
Effective use of tools and technologies

This area of MaxOm work encompasses initiatives as diverse as software adoption, business process development, web development, ISO and SEI certification, and compliance with federal regulations such as SOX and HIPAA. MaxOm consultants have experience across all phases of the communication lifecycle, including:

Audience analysis (or stakeholder analysis, in the case of change communications)
Design of a communications strategy, including establishing a communications theme
Design and implementation of a communications plan, including the right blend of push and pull communications for your audience
Measurement of effectiveness and ROI

In our years of experience providing compelling executive, internal, external, employee, and change communications, MaxOm has delivered a wide range of communications vehicles. Our innovative international consulting and training group has specialized in helping organizations like yours stay ahead of the curve - and the competition - to meet the challenges of:

Change Management and Strategic Planning
Developing Leadership Skills
Sales and Marketing Programs
Changing Workforce Values and Diversity Initiatives
Communication Dynamics

We have accumulated broad experience in both the private and public sectors: including financial services, government, management consulting, manufacturing, travel, utilities, and the advertising industry. We have achieved exceptional success training and motivating individual contributors, managers, sales professionals and survivors of mergers, acquisitions and downsizing.